About Film Finds

How often have you spent nearly as long searching for a good online film as watching it? Frustrating, isn’t it? That’s what motivated the creation of Film Finds.

Every film recommended by Film Finds is thought to be worth a watch. We don’t review bad or average ones but we also don’t tell you about the big blockbusters. There are enough other sites recommending those. Film Finds is designed to help us discover the forgotten classics, hidden gems, foreign treats, wrongly maligned features and the ones we’d not otherwise find as they somehow passed under our radar.

Our main communication is via our occasional newsletter. A selection of recommendations from a variety of genres, eras and platforms. Once they have appeared in the newsletter, the films will appear on the website.

This is just a bit of fun for a couple of guys who happen to like films and sharing them with others. There are no adverts, paid subscriptions or asks. Just the encouragement to read and watch. We are sticking with four streaming platforms for the time being: Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer and YouTube. You’ll have to check out whether there will be a cost to you or not; it depends upon your subscription terms with those providers.

An occasional feature, B-roll is just a little extra for those who like a little background trivia on cinema and film. Get in touch to propose some B-Roll themes.

It would be great to build a community of film-watchers sharing titles we’ve enjoyed. Get in touch if you would like to send in a review. We can send you details of the format required.

Finally, please forward our newsletter or share the website with family and friends and encourage them to sign up.

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